About me

Greetings. My name is Rik and I'm currently an 19-year-old IT student who is living in the Netherlands. I also run my own server besides my school projects so that I can improve my skill in the server/hosting business. My main Projects at the moment are my server (like this one) which runs ESXi with 7 Linux machines and 2 Windows-server machines the activities range from a file server to a custom DNS.

My Projects

these are all the projects I am currently working on.

  • Nextcloud

    Nextcloud is a cloudbased file server where i store most of my school work which syncs all my work from my laptop to my computer.

  • SMB Server

    I decided to run an SMB server to easily store my movies, music, books and other data. It is connected to my plex server so I can easily watch my movies anywhere

  • Plex

    Plex is an awesome application in where you can stream all your movies, tv shows and music to every location. I just this quite a lot since it is supported on almost all tv's, PC's etc

  • E-mail

    I had always wanted my own email address mainly because I always liked having my own name and domain name instead of all the numbers behind it. Now I'm slowly converting to it and beginning to understand how it all works.

  • Teamspeak

    Teamspeak is one of my most used Servers as I use it on a daily basis to communicate and mostly game with friends and classmates.

  • Subsonic

    I also run subsonic which I also use on a daily basis. It stores all my music and I can stream all of my music from it.


If you want to come in contact with me use these links.